1 of 12 Trustees, and my job is to support you, represent you and to advocate for you, while working with staff to make decisions that benefit all students in Peel

 I am committed to making sure 

 each of our children receive the very best education possible and to ensuring that we offer a variety of programs that serve the needs of all students

I serve as a mediator - I am always available to address issues that families are having difficulty resolving with their school


Promote student achievement and physical and mental well being

Listen to the needs of the community 

Oversee the operation of our public school system, which includes:

Curriculum, Budget, Transportation, Libraries, Special Education, Continuing Education, Alternative Education, Regional Programs, French Immersion 

Enjoy attending school concerts, award ceremonies, classroom visits, fund raising events and commencements in order to strengthen the bonds between our schools and our community members and partners 


As I have for the past 8 years, represent the priorities of Wards 3 & 4 School Councils and community members and groups to the Senior Leadership

Continue to provide information on decisions made by the Board that affect you and your family

Work collaboratively to serve the needs of all members of our community, not just those who attend school

Continue to work with students, parents, staff, administration and community  members to ensure that our children receive the very best education we can provide




Helping each and every student be the best they can be – happy and healthy, safe and successful.